Well, these were the issues facing a bunch of healthcare workers in season 2 of the BBC drama – the Syndicate. What sort of decisions did Helen, Rose, Alan, Becky and Tom eventually make? Well, all of the above and more besides. We saw squillions wasted on yachts, Gucci dresses, handbags and Bentleys, yet as far as we’re concerned the only one to make the right call was Jimi Mistry. His character, Tom, bought himself a huge palatial gaff in the countryside and filled it with the biggest chesterfield sofas you’re ever likely to see. The house might well have been OTT for our tastes and sensibilities, but we certainly couldn’t fault him on his choice of sofas. Well done that man. Now there won’t be many of us with the space to accommodate enormous chesterfield sofas like Tom and Natalie’s, nor will many of us have a big enough bank balance to fund such purchases. But don’t let that put you off. There’s absolutely no reason why you can own one too. You don’t need to Rockefeller to buy a beautiful, hand-crafted chesterfield sofa, nor do you have to live in a mansion. Traditional or contemporary chesterfield sofas will look every bit as good in your own more modest home, whether that’s a modern flat or a suburban semi. You can live the life of a lottery winner, without forking out for a ticket. Granted you might not get the Beckhamesque-lifestyle, but that’s a price worth paying for privacy and peace of mind. So when Saturday comes and you’re tempted to dip into your pocket and shell out on a lottery ticket, ask yourself this question. Should I pay out £2 in the hope of winning a prize with odds stacked 14 million to 1 against me, or should I save the money and put it to a better purpose? We know what answer we’d give. We’d suggest saving the ticket money and putting it towards your chesterfield sofa fund instead. It won’t take long until you’re in the position to buy an iconic piece of British furniture, and that, unlike a small lottery win, is guaranteed to last. ]]>